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image of seared rack of lamb image of Swing's caprese salad of tomato and fresh mozzarella image of baked brie in puff pastry image of Swing's papaya chicken salad image of Swing's roasted portobello Napoleon


Call for our nightly specials. Menu items subject to change.

Vegetarian (V), Vegan (V+), Dairy Free (DF), Gluten Free (GF) options available

{ Small Plates }

Oysters On-the-Half { 3 for 9 }
fresh local oysters, blueberry mignonette (gf & df)
Olives, ALmonds & Pickled Cucumbers { 9 }
imported mixed olives, seasoned almonds & house-made zesty pickled cucumbers (v+ & gf)
Bacon-Wrapped Dates { 5 for 10 }
medjool dates, roasted almonds, chévre, applewood smoked bacon (gf)
Stuffed Mushrooms { 6 for 10 }
mushroom caps, Gorgonzola, shallots, garlic, panko, wildflower honey, Olympia Olive Oil { Olympia, Wa } red apple balsamic vin (v)
Street Tacos { 3 for 9 }
seasoned pork, corn tortillas, onion, cilantro, lime, roasted red pepper aioli (gf & df)
Grilled Eggplant { 11 }
rosé balsamic vin marinated eggplant, Tillamook Creamery { Tilolamook, OR } vintage white cheddar, mango salsa (v & gf)
Bacon & Eggs { 10 }
hoisin-glazed Snake River { Boise, ID } Kurabota boar belly, tarragon & shallot deviled egg
Roasted Cauliflower {9}
oven-roasted cauliflower, bleu-ricotta shmear, pear, raisins (v & gf)
Swing Flatbread {12}
applewood-smoked wild boar salami, mozzarella, caramelized onion, olive oil, arugula, rosé balsamic reduction
Fresh Vegetable Lasagna { 14 }
summer peas, prosciutto, radiatore pasta, shaved parmesan, wilted pea shoots, olive oil
Lamb Pops { 11 }
frenched lamb chop, rosemary-mint chimichurri (gf & df)


Arugula Caprese { 9 }
heirloom grape tomatoes, mozzarella curd, basil chiffonade, arugula, balsamic vin (v & gf)
Beet & Chévre {9}
roasted beet, chévre shmear, chive sticks, fried leeks, hojiblanca olive oil, sea salt (v & gf)
Fall Pacetta Butter Leaf { small 8 } { large 12 }
butter lettuce, rendered pancetta, gorgonzola crumbles, seasoned pecans, aged sherry vin (gf)
Smoked Salmon Kale Ceaser { Small 12 } { large 18 }
smoked fresh wild northwest king salmon, baby kale, shaved parmesan, house ceaser dressing, crouton (anchovy filets available by request) (gf if the crouton is omitted)


Wild King Salmon { 26 }
fresh wild northwest king salmon, scalloped potatoes, seasonl vegetable
Beef Brisket { 25 }
rubbed and slow-roasted Open Prairie {Tri-Cities, Wa} beef brisket, red wine demi, fried leeks, summer vegetable, russet plank (gf & df)
Boar Belly { 24 }
smoked and braised Snake River {Boise, ID} Kurabota boar belly, 5 spice delicata squash, bok choy (df & gf)
Roasted Chicken Linguini { 20 }
roasted chicken breast, wild mushroom alfredo, linguini, enoki mushroom punctuation
Portabello Napoleon { 18 }
sgrilled portobello cap, grilled red onion, fire-roasted red pepper, seasonal vegetable, provolone, wild rice blend, fire-roasted red pepper coulis (v; v+ if cheese is omitted)


Jarlsburg & Sun-Dried Tomato Fondue { 14 } (v)
jarlsberg cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, cream, vegetables, fruits & bread (v)
Thai Lettuce Wraps { 12 }
enoki mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, thai basil, thai peanut haoisin sauce, butter lettuce (v &df)
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus { 16 }
roasted red pepper hummus, cucumber, marinated carrots, tomatoes, olives, dolmas, na'an (v: v+ & gluten free crackers are substituted for na'an)
Salmon Gravlax { 16 }
fresh wild northwest king salmon lox, pickled medjool dates, shaved red onion, anise mascarpone, crostini (gf if gluten free crackers are substituted for crostini)
Cured Meats & Artisan Cheeses { 22 }
a selection of cured meats, artisan cheeses, smoked garlic aioli, dijon mustard, crackers (gf if gluten free crackers are substituted for crackers)


Fresh Baked Fruit or Nut Pie
award-winning fresh local Blue Ribbon {Olympia, Wa} pie, consult for today's flavors { 7 }
a la mode with Olympic Mountain {Shelton, Wa} salted caramel ice cream or chocolate-habanero-orange ice cream { 9 }
(fruit pies are v+, nut pies are gf, ice creams are v & gf)
Chocolate Fondue { 10 }
belgian dark chocolate, cream, house made cookies, fresh sasonal fruit, house made marshmallows (v)
Fire & Ice { 9 }
warm dark chocolate brownie, chocolate ganache, candied bacon, Olympic Mountain {Shelton, Wa} chocolate-habanero-orange ice cream(v)
Pick Me Up { 9 }
amaretto soaked lady fingers, espresso soaked pound cake, mascarpone mousse, cocoa dust, chocolate shavings (v)
Olympic Mountain Ice Cream { 6 }
{Shelton, Wa} your choice of vanilla salted caramel, or chocolate-habanero-orange ice cream (ice creams are v & gf)